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I did a technology and teens seminar with a lady from my church and here's a little quiz I gave the parents. I'd share all my notes but the great stuff was done by her. She trains professors at Texas Tech about the students they are dealing with. Wonderful having amazing people in our churches.

Txt Quiz

LOL __________________

brb __________________

lol __________________

L8r __________________

osm __________________

btw __________________

idk __________________

ttfn __________________

rofl __________________

imo/imho __________________

ALL CAPS equals ________________________

How much does The LG Texting National Championship award the winner for school?


I loved the concept of Youth Ministry 3.0 since last years NYWC in Atlanta when the content was Marko's general session. (It was the only CD I bought from the entire convention.)

The Marko does a great job defining and describing Youth Ministry 1.0, (40's, Founding of Youth For Christ, etc) Youth Ministry 2.0, (YS starting, bigger and better through Y2K) and Youth Ministry 3.0. He does not tell us what it has to become but rather gives principles that describe this generation and how we must change to better reach them for and with the Gospel.

This is a book that youth workers need to read. I think the strength of it is how he articulates what most youth ministry vets would agree is happening and he gives us good verbage for us to use.

The need for communion/community is talked about and truly Marko lives it out whether it's through his annual young notorious sinners group, church, home church, the YS staff and with youth workers across the country.

Community was also a part of how the book took shape. There are sidebar comments but they are from in the trenches youth ministry experts not the speaker/writer youth ministry experts. Youth Ministry World needs both but I prefer the first group for this book because it reinforces the local church by honoring local church leaders. For some reason Marko mentioned me in his Acknowledgements for something I must have said that provided fodder for him or group concensus.

Here is Youthworker Journal's Highlights of Youth Ministry 3.0 and here are some of my favorite quotes:

"We cannot build a great youth ministry to reach Youth Culture 3.0 teenagers with Youth Ministry 2.0 methods or thinking. "

"Real change is absolutely messy. Always."

"Youth Ministry 3.0 in your context should look different than Youth Ministry 3.0 in the church down the street."

"Affinity has become the pathway to identity and formation."

Buy it, like it or not, you need to interact with it (Join the YM 3.0 Facebook Group) and if you do, you will be better off for doing so.

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