Good time to be in Youth Ministry

If I do the youth ministry experience math like most youth ministry speakers, I've now been involved in youth ministry for 20 years. ("involved" is code for volunteer while in college so it pads an extra 4-6 years unto your full time experience.) So much quality training is being offered that everyone wins.

I'm not attending any of the youth ministry conventions this year because I promised my wife that as long as she was back in school at Texas Tech, I wouldn't do any ministry travel that wasn't necessary.

So I won't be attending any of the awesome National Youth Worker Conventions by Youth Specialties or the National Youth Ministry Convention by SimplyYouthMinistry and/or GROUP. I'm fortunate to know guys involved with both business. . . er . . . ministries that make a buck and I'm excited because I know teir hearts and am thrilled that they both exist to encourage, equip and love youth workers.

Here's the promo video for the National Youth Ministry Convention:

Here's some free training from YS Podcast:

It's a great time to be in youth ministry.

999th post BTW


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Reflective Pic

I loved this picture from Wired: Top 10 Photos

It reminded me of something from Every Picture Tells a Story (which is among my all time favorite youth ministry resources, BTW) by The Marko.

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