Foundational Verses for Your Youth Ministry

If you had to list at least 5 but no more than 10 short passages or verses that were the biblical foundation for what your youth ministry was about, which ones would you choose and why?

If you want to leave a reply with a link to your blog and your answers, that'd be wonderful.


Camp Update

I'm at the PlanetWisdom Camp with seven of my Jr High guys and we're having a good time. One church drove 17 hrs from South Carolina to be here because they've loved it so much in the past.

Funniest moment so far was being called "Mr. Big Booty" by two girls I do not know from some other church.

While waiting outside last night for the main session we were so bored, I taught my guys how to play "Big Booty". This group had never seen the game before so I taught them too after they watched us play it a couple of times.

So I'm now "Mr. Big Booty". Not sure how to take that one. Need to make sure it just refers to the game and not my booty. Guess I need to get off my booty to make that happen.


Re-Marketing the Church
by John Koessler

The whole article is short and worth the read but here's the "Money Quote" in my opinion:

"For decades now we have been telling churches to think about the customer and to shape their services with the unchurched in view. As a result, countless congregations have struggled to rethink the way they do church. They have changed day and time when they meet, the content of the sermon has been popularized, and the style of music has been altered. All of this has been done in an effort to make unchurched Harry and unchurched Mary feel at home. Church members who feel uncomfortable with these changes have been told that they need to sacrifice their own tastes for the sake of the church's mission."


ReThinking Youth Ministry

The latest interview on the Youth Ministry Inteviews blog is Steve Wright.

Steve is the author of reThink - Is Student Ministry Working? and you can hear an audio message from Steve on the topic of the book, here.

You owe it to yourself to visit Steve's blog and look through it.

I ordered the book and should finally start reading it this week.

Doug Jones reviewed it here and here.


How Much Do You Hate MySpace?

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