Seth is at it again

Seth Barnes is one of my favorite youth ministry blogs. Latest is Time to Ditch a Broken Discipleship Model


New Cell Phone Number

If you are facebook friend, it's there. If you need it, want it, email me at SnaveNel AT AOL dot com and I'll send it to you.


Everyday chats

Tonja and I were around the kitchen with the girls making Chex Mix and just talking when one of them asked, what's a Baptists?

Tonja gave her short answer.

the daughter then asked, "are we Baptists?"

we answered, "no".

She confusingly asked, "But we were last year"


New Interview

The new interview is with Martin Saunders, one of favorite YM folks. He's the editor of Youthwork Mag in the UK.

On a personal note, I've been sick since about Tuesday, not a fun vacation so far.



Integrity is Incovenient

Tonight I went to a store to get some stuff and some cash. So I ran the guantlet of madness in Wally World and then checked out. The cashier made a comment to me about my Red Sox hat with the 2007 World Series Patch on the side. She was wearing a Yanees sweatshirt. I gave her a hard time about her shirt while telling her I neeeded the money broken down a certain way.

She gave me the money and then took her break because someone else took over for her. It was a bunch of fives so I figured I'd count it just to make sure it was all there. I counted it twice and then turned around to go back to the cashier. I told him she had given me extra money and he asked how much.

I told him, "Sixty dollars."

Needless to say, he was very thankful that I returned the money.

Been a while

I make changes on the format of my blog so rarely when I do, I feel a need to tell all.

Added some old and new friends to the blog roll. They include Adam, Bill, Brian, Doug, Chris and Jay. If you don't read their blogs yet and you are in youth ministry, you should start. Took a few off, may their real lives be much more alive than their blogs.

Inspried by Brian's announcement about his new book, I finally put a link on the right to my book and added an articles section.


Up way too late but I crossed the finish line

I just completed the last lesson for a project for YS. It involves lessons that will be made available. For this last lesson I created 2 different opening activities to do around the theme of "love".

Feel free to use it:

Say something like this as you start: In your groups of 3-5 you are going to compete with the other groups. You’re going to make a list. The team with the longest list wins. You have 3 minutes to write down as many things as you can that fit in the topic I’m about to give you. The topic is “Love” and you have to write down as many songs, movies, sayings or symbols that mention love, have love in the title, is about love or reminds you of love. You have 3 minutes, Go!

Judging the winners: Some may get very creative and stretch the meaning of love so they’ll have a higher total and they’ll win. You are the judge of what counts and what doesn’t. If your group is small enough, have everyone read what their answers are and you can judge the answers then. If your group is too big to do that, have everyone total their list and go on the honor system and just get the total from the students. Give them some sort of prize. Condoms are not appropriate prizes unless you are part of the PCUSA.

Oh, the one I sent in didn't have the Condom or PCUSA line but I thought it was funny and my friends here might appreciate it. Now to sleep for about 3 hours and do one last review and edit before I send it in as complete. Woo Hoo!!!!


Iron-Man Lock-In

Working on budget junk and calendar stuff for 2008. We are going to have an Iron-Man Lock-In on May 2, 2008. Arrive at church at 10:00, get to know you games till 10:30, caravan to the theater for the midnight showing (opening night, need to wait in line for seats), over around 2am come back and the rest of the lock-in is downhill from there. Did this when Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer came out, easiest logistical lock-in, EVER!

I highly reccommend doing something similar.


They Like Jesus But Not The Church

Here's the DVD promo on Dan's book They Like Jesus But Not The Church It's brand new. I was the 29th to view it. Enjoy!

Some People Just Don't Get It


The Five Star Fit

This is one of my favorite things that I've ever published. I looked for it today and realized I hadn't put it on the web anywhere, so here it is; The Five Star Fit


Taylor's Play

My daughter is in a performing arts magnet school in our town and she's in a local community thearter production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! The local Fox channel did a short segment on it, if you want to see it, go here.

My dad came up this weekend to see her performance. Good time with dad.

The Ministry Dip

I wrote this on Adam's blog as a guest blogger:

Over a year ago, I was talking to one my youth ministry guru guys about the rarity of long term youth pastors in a local church setting. There are a decent amount of guys who have been in youth ministry for a long time (20-30) years, you can often hear them speak at various youth ministry conventions and other training opportunities. However very rarely are they in a local church setting. They tend to be youth ministry professors, camp directors, denominational leaders, in para-church ministries, professional speakers (need someone for your next camp?) or have started their own non-profit ministry to do what they’ve always loved without the headaches, heartaches or hurts that come from local church ministry.

I can understand the appeal of those positions and I’ve considered almost all of those different ways to do youth ministry without being in a local church. Why aren’t there more of us who remain in full time local church youth ministry for 20 plus years?

Read the rest

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