The Fall Retreat

I was talking to a friend the other day and i think I had forgotten how much work a retreat really is. It's been a long time since I was fully responsible for every element of the retreat.

In the past, I took our group and we met with other churches and had a joint "super big" retreat. Which is good and all you have to do, is get the students there and then you get to be with them.

Or a few times, I was the guest speaker and all I had to do was plan the talks and be t here for that.

I was in full youth pastor mode the other day when I bought the most random supplies for our retreat; straws, play dough, a candle, river rocks, marshmellows, a giant frisbee, glow sticks, etc
It was fun or as fun as shopping can be.

I met with the Tech student who is going to lead a girls small group, she's awesome and truly is an answer to prayer. She can't go this weekend but she's pumped about starting next week.

All the copies are made and now I'm off to get gas in the vans and be with the family some after school before we leave.

Oh, this is the first youth group retreat my oldest is going on, it should be fun! Thanks for any and all prayers.


Possible Answer to Prayer?

Yesterday after church I met with a couple of volunteers who have been great and I thought were were going to talk about specifics for their roles this fall. We sat down and I heard the words we dread, "This probably isn't the news you wanted to hear but. . . . "

Great reasons and I 100% support their decision and they still want to be involved when needed, sustitute teaching, a particular student has a need, an event but are just unable at this time to do the weekly routine.

This hit hardest because without her, we're short one girls small group leader.

We'll survive, one way or another, we always do. Thought of different ways to do things and hadn't thought of anyone else yet because I'm still getting to know people.

Walk in this morning to this (details deleted) e-mail:

I don't think we've ever met before. My name is . . . . and I'm a junior at Texas Tech University. I have been going to Melonie Park since the beginning of my freshman year, but wasn't able to go last semester because I was studying abroad, so I haven't been able to meet you yet. I was actually wanting to just email you and ask if there is any way that I might be able to get involved in the youth group somehow.

I'm not sure if you need the help, or not, but I'd absolutely love to get involved if I could. I'd love to help out with Sunday school or a Bible study for girls, but I just wanted to check with you and see what you thought. I'd love to maybe get together with you whenever you're free.

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful week,

Len's Answer to Prayer

So I responded and hopefully we'll be able to meet soon and verify this would be a good thing and my answer to prayer.


Free Book from Group

Make it Stick! It's free for a week.


Gotta See This

In a scientific world gone mad, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is the controversial documentary that will chronicle Ben Stein's confrontation with the Neo-Darwinian machine, exposing widespread suppression and entrenched discrimination in his heroic quest to bring back freedom in our institutions, laboratories and most importantly, in our classrooms, with the help of the world's top scientists, educators and thinkers.

Watch Trailer


Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonald of TastyFaith and author of Help! I'm an Urban Youth Worker is blogging at The SpitBucket.

Why the name?

A SpitBucket is an out of sight receptacle used in commercial shoots that actors use to dispose of their half way chewed Big Macs. It's something nobody admits exists let alone wants to look into. That inspired the name of this blog that'll cover issues that aren't fun to look at either.

Ginger has great thoughts on ministry and not just urban ministry so you'll want to bookmark her site.


This Makes Me Smile

The Howver's are home, all four of them! After our miscarriage it took almost two years to have our oldest daughter. So when I heard about the However's dealing with infertility and then the adoption process, it has been very close to my heart.

It's great seeing answered prayers in a picture.

Update: Jay just posted a video here. Huge, HUGE, smile watching it.


Blog Question

If you read this, please leave a comment with your answer.

I talked to a friend the other day and he thinks a blog is a place for the blogger to share their thoughts. Hence, his "CROCK" comment under my quoting Donald Miller. It wasn't that he totally disagreed with what he said, he disagreed with me quoting someone else on my blog.

What is the purpose of a blog? Does it varry and can it vary? What do you think?

Thanks for leaving your thoughts.


Jazz Driven Youth Ministry

It took me a while to understand that the answer to problems was not marketing or program but rather spirituality. If we needed to reach youth, we wouldn't do a pizza feed and a game night, we would get together and pray and fast and ask God what to do. God led some guys to start a homeless teen outreach downtown, and now they feed about one hundred homeless teenagers every week. It is the nuttiest youth group you will ever see, but that is what God said to do. I love that sort of thing because rather than the church serving itself, the church is serving the lost and lonely. It gives me chills when I think about it because it is that beautiful of a thing.

Don Miller in "Blue Like Jazz"
p. 136

This Is Who I Is

Click to view my Personality Profile page

I've taken this test or others like it for years and this is me.

The career matches for the three strongest intelligences include: Clergy, Counselor, Coach, Philosopher, Writer, Theologian, Editor, Public Speaker, Preacher, or Teacher.

ht2 Heidi

New Interview

Next interview is up and it's the one, the only. . . Mark Riddle.

off to bed.


Ten Reasons Not to Reach for the Red Sox Panic Button

After yesterday's horrid loss I was disgusted that the Sox's lead in the AL East was down to just 4 games. (Of course, my Orioles "friend" trash talking after the loss didn't help.) So this helped me, plus number 11, the Sox start playing the Devil Rays today.

Here are 10 reasons why Red Sox Nation should not be in hysterics as the club enters the final six weeks of 2007:

1. Manny is Manny.

After months of 13, 18 and 12 RBIs, Manny Ramirez rapped in 25 runs in July, including 23 after the all-star break. With David Ortiz still not the guy many New Englanders expected, Ramirez is back to the Hall of Famer pace he has carried for more than a decade. It is remarkable the Sox did so well while he labored in apathy, it seemed. He has the ability to carry this team, especially on offense, while the rest of the team is struggling to produce runs. If it continues, as it should, then the Sox are pretty much a playoff team, regardless if the Yankees ever lose again. The next nine.


Chalk Ministry

The other night a student spent the night with my daugther and they wanted to go roll someone's house. I didn't want to start a TP War within the youth group or towards me, so we went to the homes of threee students and wrote and drew things on their driveways with sidewalk chalk.

It was fun, it surprised the students the next morning (and our church secretary) A good night of minor mischief and major encouragement.


Vault: The Official Soft Drink of My Youth Ministry

I love the stuff. Love it. Have to give it up or at least go back to Vault Zero to avoid those empty calories that just wreck you when trying to lose weight.

We have a sign like this one in our youth room. Why? Because I love the stuff, aren't you reading this post? We have it though because I simply asked the guy behind the counter at a local gas station if I could have it.

They had one in the back so he said, "Hold on, I'll get one for you".

You have not because you ask not.

Vault me!


Words of Encouragement

I sent the article I just finished to two leaders of the church that cared for us between serving in full time youthministry. here's what one of them wrote to me:

thanks for sharing an advance preview with us. I am glad to see that you persevered and did not give up on what God has called you to do. Healing does take time, but when you let God do the healing, you come out healthier than before on the other side. I am glad you have been called to a church that loves it's staff and truly sees them for what they are...shepherd's called to lead, guide and protect his sheep.


Sex and the evangelical teen:Evidence suggests evangelical teenagers on the whole may be more sexually immoral than non-Christians

Christian parents and churches need to face up to a problem long hidden in the dark: Evangelical teenagers are just as sexually active as their non-Christian friends.

In fact, there is evidence that evangelical teenagers on the whole may be more sexually immoral than non-Christians. Statistically, evangelical teens tend to have sex first at a younger age, 16.3, compared to liberal Protestants, who tend to lose their virginity at 16.7. And young evangelicals are far more likely to have had three or more sexual partners (13.7 percent) than non-evangelicals (8.9 percent).

Entire article @ World Magazine



What is training?

How is training different than speaking, teaching, and preaching?

What could a Jesus-like approach to training look like for you?

Explore the answers with The Training Genius of Jesus.


Iron Man is Coming!

This is going to be great, then Captain America, Thor, Antman, The Hulk and ultimately, The Avengers!

When I viewed it, it had only been viewed around 2,000 times.

Prayer Request

Please pray for Will and Christine Penner.

Yankees Raising the White Flag

Brian Cashman canceled the remake before it ever aired. Twenty-nine years later, Cashman spiked "The Summer of '78" the moment he hung up on Texas while it had a more eager customer on hold.

The franchise that delivered Alex Rodriguez to the Bronx was willing to send in Eric Gagne behind him. Texas officials wanted a young gun in return, and they wanted Cashman to understand something about their price:
Pay it, or kiss your little run of nine consecutive division titles goodbye.

Cashman gulped, but he didn't blink.

Go ahead, he effectively told the Rangers. Make my deadline day.

So Texas shipped its man to Boston, where Gagne could've shared a cab at Logan with Kevin Garnett.

"He's a special player," Cashman said of the closer-turned-setup man, not the Wolf-turned-Celtic.

He's the player who put a human face on the Yankees' official surrender.

Happy 300th Edition!

The YS Student E-mail Newsletter celebrated it's 300th edition this week. It goes out to to over 8,000 youth workers and an estimated 300,000 students. This is a cool milestone for me because I sold them the concept for this service and all of my archives from when I did this for my own students. I started doing it around 1995 I think. Exact same format but they use different names for each of the sections.

I truly enjoy not having to produce it every week now.

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