A New Kind of Youth Ministry

Chris Folmsbee is sharing a Sample Chapter from A New Kind of Youth Ministry. Good stuff. I can't wait to get hold of the book.

I found his blog courtesy of Mike and I'm happy to say I'm the second to subscribe via bloglines. Join the club.

What's your score?

My score is 6.895 seconds on Finger Frenzy which times how fast you can type the alphabet.

No More New Year's Resolutions

By Bill Allison

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

And when you finish reading all 5 you get a free prize! Read all five and discover how to get your freebie!


5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

1. I've regained about 25 pounds since that picture was taken to the right. After mom's funeral I took a break and never got back into the normalcy of it. After 2-3 months I had only gained back 7-9 pounds because my metobilism was still doing "its thing" but not so much over the last few months. So with Matthew as my encouragament, I'm back on the wagon next week.

2. I recently told the Chaplain recruiter for the Army that I'm committed to the local church and I love her and want to serve in a local church again. It wasn't merely a weight issue but a conviction issue. I could see myself doing the ministry of a chaplain but youth ministry is my passion and what I think I can do best for God's glory.

3. I still get letters from youth pastors around the country (and occasionally the world) about my "God Is in Control...Yada... Yada... Yada" article. The latest one came the day before yesterday. I guess I've gotten around 40 or so e-mails from youth workers regarding that article. By far, my record.

4. I've been thinking about writing a "God is STILL in Control" follow up article, if not for official publication, for here.

5. I was All-City Center my senior year in high school and 2nd team my junior year. Always tore me apart that I loved baseball the most but I was better at football. Related note: my first high school game, as a sophomore, I played Tackle, Guard and Center. Players kept getting hurt and there weren't that many of us.

I was tagged by Gman so I will tag Gimd, Rudy, Shawn and Phil.


Another Convert

A few years ago I spoke at a WorldView Academy leadership camp near Princeton. During a long break I told two of the speakers that there was a place there that had the best hot wings they'd ever have. I heard, "Nah, I've had lots of wings and there's this place in Denver that is out of this world!"

They didn't believe me, but we made the short trip because wings sounded good. They took one bite and both of them said, "I'm sorry, these are the best wings I've ever had." I knew about this place because we lived in Princton, NJ for about three years and they knew me by name when I'd call with my to-go order.

I had mentioned the place to Urb one night when we got to hang out at the NYWC since he lives nearby. I e-mailed him yesterday and asked him if he'd gone yet, he hadn't but he told me he was feeling like wings and he might make a run.

Later tonight I got this e-mail from him: Awesome wings! Great stuff there----I wish I had tried them sooner!

So if you are ever near Princeton, NJ go to George's Roasters and Ribs on Nassau Street across from the university for some of the best wings ever and become another convert.


Red Sox Fever

Since the 2006 Boston Massacre, I have been in a baseball death spiral. Flashbacks of saying "next year" kept hitting me. In case you have been under a rock or don't follow baseball, the Red Sox signed Daisuke Matsuzaka to be one of their pitchers for fifty two million dollars for six years.

The day he signed I called Brenda and asked her what she thought about having Jonathan Paplebon be our number four starter. She had e-mailed me after the BoSox were trashed by the Yankees and thanked me for helping her Twins make the playoffs. In other words, she is now free game for all baseball trash talking.

I haven't looked forward to a baseball season to begin like this in a while. After the 2003 season, Red Sox Nation understood it would be "This year or never" but with this starting rotation I have a feeling it could be "This year and how many more?".

Shaun Alexander: Reigning NFL MVP & Youth Worker
By Tim Ellsworth

what impresses me the most about Alexander isn’t what he does with his athletic abilities. It’s what he does with his spiritual gifts. And to be honest, I’ve never heard of a professional athlete who has a ministry like Alexander’s.
Alexander has a group of teenage boys and young men across the country that he disciples on a regular basis. Maybe he befriends them at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes camp. Maybe he meets them at church events where he speaks.


What a Loser!

Talked to Matthew today. He's in California gearing up for the live Finale of Biggest Loser 3. He's such a rock star. Look for the "I'm a Loser" pins that were given away at the National Youth Worker Conventions.

Update: What a difference 176 pounds off can make! I'm going to lose the rest I want to lose, when I do, I'll let everyone know.


Blogs you need to know

God is My Director is growing by leaps and bounds because it is a well written blog about youth ministry, movies, cricket and more. It's an anonymous blog from the U.K. ,cricket scores always give that away. I saw him in Austin and it was good to catch up.

Looking Closer Journal is written by Jeffrey Overstreet. Jeffrey writes for Christianity Today and he covers the media the way I wish more Chistians would.


Dangerous Reading

I picked up a book yesterday and began reading it, once again.

It's the collection of Mike Yaconelli's writings that YS put together as a book for the 2004 convention.

Great Stuff


Marko's Quote
Every month I get an email from a youth worker who either says, “I feel called to be a national speaker – how do I get there?” or “I know I have as much experience and as much to say as most of the speakers you have at your convention – how can I get you to let me do a seminar or be on the CORE team?” This constant comparing robs us of contentment, and drives us down the ladder of humility deep into the land of pride.


found via Gman

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