Disowning Conservative Politics Is Costly for an Evangelical Pastor

Greg Boyd's church loses 1,000 (of 5,000) after after he urged an end to sexual moralizing and military glorification and said America should not be proclaimed a “Christian nation.” Read article



My Bio

I got an e-mail from Roni about my book. Another printing is happening down the road and they wanted a new updated bio, if possible.

So here's what will eventually be on the back of the next printing.

Len Evans has been in full-time youth ministry since graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1994. He has written for Christian Entertainment Review, Interlinc, Youthworker Journal and The Journal of Student Ministries, and he's spoken at Youth Specialties' National Youth Workers Conventions. He can be contacted through www.snavenel.blogspot.com

For an online bio I also have these tidbits:

He's written for Group . . . . He's the creator of the Youth Specialties' Student E-mail Newsletter, which goes out to over 8,000 youth workers and 300,000 students.

Everything on there is true but it is,obviously, the best highlights of my accomplishments that I can offer so someone might think, "I should listen to him or at least give him a chance." What if bio's were more honest? What if mine said this instead:

Len Evans is a super dufus who's been saved by a Super Savior because of his Amazing Grace. He's married and somehow she still loves him and he's trying his best to be a good dad but he messes up a lot. He's written some stuff because he tries and he feels like he's fooled many editors into liking what he writes. If you want Len to speak at your event he will but if you would, just pray for him, would you? He needs it.

Both, of course, are extrememes and somewhere inbetween we have reality but those edges on the extreme are reality too, we. . . I . . . just don't live there continually.

Regardless of where I am for the day, week, month or year, I'm happy that Jesus said he'd always be with me. I know he is even when I don't feel like it because I trust him and his words over my thoughts and feelings. Maybe I can incorporate that into my next bio, if there is a "next" bio.


Joy in the Little Things

I am now back to the weight you see in my picture. Between mom's death and other things, I hadn't been as careful on my foods nor as dilegent in my excercise. I'm doing better and am now back to my lowest weight. I'd still like to lose about 15 more.

Tonight for my meal I had a veggie plate from local place. Cabbage, green beans, "sweet salad" (tomatoes, green pepper and onions in a sweet oil/vinegar type dressing), and a loaded baked potato.

I haven't had a loaded baked potato in a very long time. Ahh joy in the little things.


One Finish Line is Crossed

I finished my last paper last night and took my last test today for the counseling courses I was taking. Woo Hoo! The last paper was only 12 pagest of text but I had 30 references with over 70 notes in the paper.

I'll now start working on a project for YS. Not a book but a writing assignment; I'll tell you more when I can.

Here's a great cartoon about one of my fears in youth ministry by Dave.


My Home Church

I was saved and grew up in one of top 50 influential churches in America. #25 to be precise


When it Rains it Pours

After going through many months of hearing nothing from any churches I've started talking to 4-5 churces over the last 2-3 weeks. Been busy working at a new job, defintely not a career move into the restaurant business but you do what you gotta do. So forgive the lack of posts for those that read. Just keeping everyone updated.

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