I (A Meme)
By Len Evans

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I AM: a dufus saved by grace

I WANT: harsher punishment for parole violaters . . . and . . . world peace.

I WISH: I knew 100%, heck I'd take 50%, of what was next for us in our lives.

I HATE: The Yankees and I have a YankeeHater Hat to prove it.

I LOVE: long walks on the beach. . . wait. . . I mean Jesus, my family and the Red Sox (yes, in that order)

I MISS: hanging out with friends during the National Youth Worker Conventions

I FEAR: not having a legacy to leave my children.

I HEAR: the computer humm and the TV in the background.

I WONDER: what the future holds for me and my family.

I REGRET: trusting some people.

I AM NOT: going to give up despite falling, I will get back up.

I DANCE: with my daughters occasionally but I can do a mean "white boy shuffle" when I have to.

I SING: at church softly and loudly when alone in the car.

I CRY: occasionally but typically it's not crocodile tears, FWIW.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: this slow in doing things but Grad school classes are kicking my butt.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: shadow figures on the wall. :-)

I WRITE: randomly for money.

I CONFUSE: too many things. I'm more blonde than I care to admit.

I NEED: to buy this off of e-bay. (I won't but it is my favorite Christmas gift as a kid.)

I SHOULD: sleep more.

I START: to get depressed but eventually I remember God is good and press on.

I FINISH: every soda I open. I'm into Vault Zero these days. I had a Coke the other day, after not having one for months, oohh the burn.

I tag Clint, Chris, Tony and Ryan. If you want to do it, consider yourself tagged. just tell me you did it. Meme

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Worse Father of the Year Award Winner:

Police in Grand Chute, Wis., arrested a man who tried to sell his 18-month-old daughter to a couple for $7,000.

According to the local police chief, "He was having trouble raising the child alone and wanted to use the money for some home remodeling."

NYTimes Weird But True


Upcoming Theme for The Journal of Student Ministries

September/October 2006: Doctrine

What is doctrine in the broadest sense? What are the benefits to having a well-defined doctrine? What are the disadvantages? Are there ways to maximize the benefits while minimizing the dangers? Does the teaching of doctrine imply rigidity in thought or belief? Of what value is learning about various doctrines? How do these understandings undergird our ministries with young people?

If you have article ideas, please write "Sept/Oct 2006 proposal" in the e-mail subject field and send the article (or article idea with at least an outline and opening paragraph) to proposals@journalofstudentministries.com. Please include a picture and bio with your submission, and multiple submissions are welcome.

The deadline for the Sept/Oct issue is May 15, and you'll receive a reply no later than August 1. You will significantly increase your chances of being published in The Journal by checking out our writer's guidelines.


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When Life Gives You Lemons

I'm at 24.7% body fat and I need to be at 24% body fat or below to meet the Army requirements for an officer. I'm still working on that but I found out recently that I won't be able to start chaplain school in June (it's full) which would mean I'd have to wait until January 2007.

It's possble that we could do it but in light of our current delivery of lemons, I'm trying to be wise about other possibilities. I'm sending a resume to a church today for a youth ministry position.

It seems like a good church situation. I called a friend who lives in the area of the church and he has friends who attend it and he's only heard positive things.

So who knows? Maybe I'll have to change that description of myself (in the top right) eventually. Either way, any and all prayers are appreciated as we whip up this latest batch of lemonade.


Livin Large

This Saturday my wife brought me a new shirt for Easter and it was a Large. Not an extra large or the one time necessity of XXL, but a Large.

I looked at it and tried it on. It fit. Didn't need to stretch it or suck in, just put it on. That was a nice feeling.


Three Important Questions

When Texas A&M honored a Houston industrialist named Love he spoke to the senior class giving them three important questions they should ask themselves during their lives.

First, are you enjoying what you are doing? Certainly we cannot do well for a lengthy time unless we are enjoying what we are doing. It's disturbing to see the surveys on Americans who are not happy in their work. I have seen statistics from 40-80% who are dissatisfied. When we choose our work by the paycheck and not the payoff we are in trouble.

Second, are you enjoying the way you are doing your work? In going from LA to San Francisco you can take the predictable, boring Interstate or you can take the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway. The joy can be in the journey.... the joy can BE the journey. Getting from A to B can be satisfying as well as efficient.

Third, are you content with who you are coming? Is your job maturing you and giving you character? Do you enjoy living with yourself? Do others enjoy living with you? One of the blessings of this contentment is personal transparency. It will increase your confidence and your concentration. When you feel good about who you are, you are perfectly willing for others to really see you. This attitude generally contributes to an environment in which you can feel better about others and make a greater contribution.

These three questions should be reviewed regularly. It is easy to drift out of focus and these three will sharpen your direction.

From Fred Smith's Weekly Thought e-mail newsletter


Here kitty, kitty, kitty

About two weeks ago my daughters adopted a stray kitten that looked like it hadn't eaten in over a week. It is an outside animal and NEVER will come into our house.

I let the dog out early this morning (5am) while it was still dark and it kept barking where the kitten alway hides. The dog would not stop so I walked out to it and saw the kitten up on the fence.

Dog kept barking and I made it quit and walked up to the kitten saying "here, kitty, kitty, kitty" as I approached it to pet it. It was looking away from me. As I got to about 18 inches from petting it, the moonlight seemed brighter and I realized that cat had a funny nose.

It was a possum! I made sure I hadn't peed in my pants and backed away from the "kitten".

What a story that would have been. It still doesn't top the skunk in the living room story from when we were in CT but that's for a different day.


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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We watched the Red Sox get crushed by the Rangers last night but my daughter didn't care. (Especially since "Those that we don't talk about" lost, too.) Sarabeth is as hard core about the Red Sox as any six year old can be. Her earliest memory is sitting the visitor's dugout at Fenway when we went up there for the Ted Willams Memorial when she was a little over 3 years old.

Her highlights came before the game even began. We arrived when the gates opened and did the wait around the dugout ritual of trying to get an autograph. I told her that we'd try but we'd probably not get any. Jason Varitek was signing a few things and she squeaked out a loud six year old girly "Mr. Variteck!" He turned his head and motioned that he'd be right there. I threw him a red sharpie and her pink Red Sox hat and he signed the center of the bill and threw it back.

She was estatic and everyone around us was jealous that the little cute girl got his attention and an autograph and they didn't. But it got even better for her. We then went on an adventure to find Jerry "The RemDawg" Remy, former Sox 2nd baseman and current play by play announcer for the Red Sox (he's on the right). The security guy let us by because we had the previously mentioned cute little girl looking for an autograph. We stood in front of their booth below them and when we saw Don (on the left) we asked if Remy could sign her Molly (her Wally is already autographed). Remy came to the opening in the window, talked to Sarabeth, signed Molly and said "Enjoy the game". And she did.
We were the best parents in the world for one night.


Youth pastor hazing on the rise

"When I realized I was even below the associate pastor's secretary in the hierarchy, I knew I was in trouble," says one ex-youth pastor. Some develop the Stockholm syndrome and come to believe the abuse is good for them. "Ministry is hard, and youth work is boot camp," says one youth pastor from Florida. "A soft youth pastor will be a failed senior pastor."

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