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1. Peacemaker Ministries

When an army loses its officers, disaster is just around the corner.

Even a madman like Adolph Hitler understood this. Just before he launched his attack against the Soviet Union in 1941, he arranged for Stalin to hear a rumor that his own generals were planning a coup. Stalin promptly executed many of his top officers. When Germany launched its attack, the Russian army was headless and helpless, and suffered staggering casualties and defeats.

A similar disaster is occurring in the church. We too are engaged in a terrible war. We struggle "against the powers of this dark world and...spiritual forces of evil" (Eph. 6:12). How much more do we need our leaders, and how much more devastating is it when we lose them on the eve of battle? Yet this is happening at an alarming rate. Consider these sobering statistics:
2. Hummer or Honda? What Should a Pastor Drive?
3. Preacher's Credo: Eliminate the Negative, AccentuateProsperity
Joel Osteen, a religious broadcaster and the best-selling author of "Your Best Life Now," makes no apologies for success.
4. Prayer: Our key to life and ministry by Henry T. Blackaby and Norman C. Blackaby
Jesus understood that his life and ministry depended on his constant communication with the Father. If Jesus depended upon prayer as the fuel for his ministry, how much more should we depend upon prayer in our ministry?
5. The Art of Self Leadership Your toughest management challenge is always yourself.
6. "You're Fired!" How three families learned there was life after termination
On Islam

7. Observers Foresee Europe Divided into Muslim / Non-Muslim
The director of the group Jihad Watch says things have gotten so bad in Europe that the only solution to the Islamic problem might be to divide the continent into Muslim and non-Muslim enclaves.
Much has been made of the growing Muslim presence in Europe. According to 2005 statistics, roughly 10 percent of the population in France is Muslim -- percentages in Bulgaria and Russia, says IslamicPopulation.com, are even higher (12 and 19 percent, respectively). And in Southern Europe, there are considerably higher percentages in Macedonia (30), Bosnia Herzegovina (60), and Albania (70). By comparison, estimates place the Muslim presence in the United States at around two percent of the population.

8. The Crescent over the Cross
9. What Would Superheroes Believe?
All the religions practiced by various superheros

11. Giambi & Sheffield linked to Bonds* & Balco
Fun if you are not a Yankee's fan.



Did you know about MyPraize?

It's a Christian alternative of myspace. I saw it on the Today Show this morning and was unfamiliar with it. Unlike mose Xian things, I think this might actually serve a purpose to avoid all the negativitiy (perceived and real) that parents have now associated with myspace.


I LOVE the Internet

I have to do a short report on Sandra Wilson Ph D. and her contribution to Christian Counseling. While looking for things on google I find a phone number to contact if you'd like her to be a retreat speaker.

I figure it'd be for an agency or an office but you never know and it doesn't hurt to call and try to get hold of her and see if she'd be willing to help me on my report.

I call the phone number and she answers the phone. I introduce myself and tell her I'm doing some grad classes and a report on her and her contributions to Christian Counseling. Then I ask her if she'd be willing to answer 2-3 questions for me via e-mail.

She says "no problem, here's my e-mail" and like that I have a personal correspondance as a reference on the person I'm doing the report on.

I asked her three questions. One was for the report about her, the second was for another report I'm doing about marriage and the third was a question for me. She's a big advocate of spiritual direction for Christian counselors so I asked what resources she'd recommend.

Just kinda cool.


Q re The Journal of Student Ministries

In the comments of the ealier post about the new Journal, Brian asked: How is this different from Youthworker Journal?

Physically it will be similar in look and feel to Youthworker. As you know there are many committed Christians who don't share similar perspectives on many issues. The Journal of Student Ministries will be even more ecumenical in scope, and special care will be given to insure perspectives from mainline and evangelical streams, the academy and the field, the church and parachurch.

Women and men will be represented and serve as authors and advisors, in addition to the other differences in our multi-everything world. It will have a slant towards serving those who minister to college students in addition to traditional youth ministry.

I have not seen the exact columns yet but there will be people that you know and trust along with people that you need to know. My favorite new section will be a discussion among two different people about a youth ministry topic. Imagine Hannity and Colmes loving Jesus and students and discussing youth ministry.

I believe Will Penner is just now coming into his own and his presence will be even stronger as a leading voice of and for youth ministry. The best thing, IMHO, about this new journal is it allows YS to share their heart for youth and youth workers as they have for the past 20 years in a bi-monthly format. If you've liked Youthworker Journal with all of it's uniqueness and value, you will love The Journal for Student Ministries because it's the same heart with even more freedom to stretch and serve youth workers.

Bonus Comment VOTE: If you think Will Penner should begin blogging leave a yes or no in the comments.

Update: Tony blogged about it so now I'll add the fact that the Hannity and Colmes column will be called "Sparks" with Tony Jones & Sean McDowell.

#2 Burger in America!

Chris Madrid's was just named the #2 burger in the country and I still think they were robbed!

To all my California friends, In & Out didn't make the top 10.

If you want to visit us and go to Chris Madrid's let me know when you are coming so I can "bank" some calories for the best burger in the country.

Top 15 Burgers Joints in America

• The hamburger was first introduced at the 1904 World's Fair.

• The average American eats three burgers per week.

• More than 40 billion burgers are consumed nationwide each year.


The Cat is Out of The Bag

Marko announced it on his blog today and I've known about this for a while; The Journal of Student Ministries is coming to a mailbox near you this May! (Of course, you have to subscribe to get the inaugural edition (I'm sure It'll be a collector's item, first issues always are.) Subscribe online or phone 1.888.799.1395.

It's been hard to be quiet about it because I'm excited that YS, once again, has a bi-monthly voice into the ministry and lives of youth workers.

The blogless Will Penner is the Editor Extraordinaire, so like Moody Publishing, "It's the name you can trust." Here's Will's explanation of what this journal is about. (If you'd like to read a blog by an editor of a youth ministry journal, check out Martin's from UK's Youthwork.)

I'd encourage you to try and write for them. Believe me, if Matthew McNutt can write for them, you have a chance. :-) Here are the writer's guidelines and if art or cartoons are more your style, like Dave W, then check out the Non-Article Guidelines.

Disclaimer: I am doing ad sales with them. So if you'd like a 1/3, 1/2, or whole page ad, let's talk!) I am pimping the journal because I support and believe in Will and this journal, I'm not pimping it because i do ad sales for it.

For those who are keeping track this is my personal record for links in one post. (I don't count the book one, because it's boring.)


Mostly Calvin

You are 70% Calvin and 30% Hobbes
Your inner Calvin often prevails, but, as in the image below, you have a significant Hobbesian component. I'm going to try to stretch the visual metaphor here: you have a good head on your shoulders, but when you don't use it, your crazy body gets you in trouble? Does that work? Odds are you're impulsive and imaginative, but it's possible you've collected just enough wisdom to hold your most anti-social urges in check. Most of the time. It's a precarious balance, like a boy on one foot with a tiger head.

Take the test @ The Calvin Or Hobbes Test

hat tip2 Andrew C


A Few of My Favorite Green Things
(in honor of St. Patricks Day)


Sunday was a great day

I was finally ordained, so now please refer to me as REV Len. Thanks. :-)

It was a long road to get there. I've always had this crazy idea that ordination should occur in a church that would support you and would believe in you. I could have been ordained right out of seminary @ Scofield Memorial Church but I decided I wanted to wait.

At my first church it didn't happen because a key leader thought it was wrong to ordain a youth minister or rather one that only had a 2 year masters degree.

Second church didn't happen because I didn't want to be ordained in United Methodist Church. I was asked, "Do you want to be ordained?"

I said, "No thank you"

I was asked, "Why not?"

I replied with, "Do you want my polite answer or my honest answer?"

They responded with, "I'd like your honest answer."

I said, "Because only the United Methodist value the UMC Ordination. If I ever leave this church, other churches will look down upon me for being ordained in the UMC."

(From then on, they only wanted my polite answers.)

Third church it could have happened but by the time they knew me and were willing to ordain me, I knew I wouldn't be there much longer.

Which brings us to today. Ordination is required for the Army Chaplaincy and our local church was willing to do it and I'm glad I waited this long. The beauty of our local chuch is I will be able to treat them as a sending church if I wind up in the military and as a "second home" church if something else happens.

The service was great and very encouraging to have family come in from Alabama.

The first thing I did as an officialy ordained minister was baptize my two daughters.

It was one of the highlights of my life and I liked that I could share that day with them.


From a Hole in the Roof

In case you missed it on Marko's blog,

Steve Case is now blogging.


Boston Red Sox vs Texas Rangers
This will be our view for game 2 of the new "we love pitching and defense" 2006 Boston Red Sox.

I'm planning on making a sign saying, "Hey RemDawg! I'm a 5th Generation Citizen of Red Sox Nation" for my six year old daughter to hold so she might get on NESN.

We're excited to be going.


Random Articles I've enjoyed

No Oscar for Hirsi Ali?
The murder of filmmaker Michael Moore left Hollywood shaken and outraged.

A fundamentalist Baptist cut the liberal icon's throat in broad daylight on a New York City street after the release of "Submission," his movie with actress Susan Sarandon that attacked the Religious Right for oppressing women. As a final symbolic act the killer used his knife to pin an anti-abortion tract to Moore's chest, with an explicit warning that Sarandon was next.

All of that is fiction, of course. . . . .

Who Wants to be a SuperHero?
SCI FI Channel, teamed with legendary comic book creator Stan Lee will produce a six-episode, one-hour weekly competition reality series that will challenge a lucky few to create their very own superhero and reward the winner with the best reality competition prize yet: immortality! All you’ll need is an original idea, a killer costume and some real superhero mojo. The winner of this six-week competition will walk away with their superhero immortalized in a new comic book created by Stan Lee himself! - HT2 David

Clemens Son takes him deep
and the next at bat Daddy shows the son an inside pitch.

Heady rookie battles backBeaned in debut, Greenberg just wants another chance with Cubs
Adam Greenberg is resigned to the fact he always will be known as the player who got hit in the head in his first major-league at-bat. Now Greenberg is trying to ensure it won't be his only major-league at-bat.

Red Sox are favorites in AL East
Good thing I don't believe in curses (anymore!)

The biggest loser
The USOC wanted the X Games mentality in the Olympics, and it got all that comes with it.

Make no mistake: The USOC should've dragged Miller off that mountain, out of those bars and made him come down to the short-track speedskating on Saturday night and watch the way a world-class American athlete delivers on his sacrifice and greatness.

Apolo Anton Ohno won the 500 meters gold, a self-confessed hermit who trains and lives in the isolation of a Colorado Springs dorm room. He sacrificed everything to be remembered as one of America's great Winter Olympic champions, and turned out to be everything Miller was too afraid to try and be in these Games. . . .

Call it what it is: Islamophobia
The brouhaha surrounding the Bush administration since it gave the green light to a United Arab Emirates company slated to manage six major U.S. ports has nothing to do with homeland security. Allow me to give this episode its proper name: Islamophobia.

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