Starting Soon

I'm about to start another full time position at a church and I absolutely adore my church but I just re-read something I wrote for Group Magazine a couple of years ago. Good reminders, if I do say so myself.

Ten Things That'll Get You Fired and 10 Things That'll Make You Indespensible

Oh yeah, I'm taking a group of students to Mission Waco this weekend for their Poverty Simulation.

Feel free to pray for us and mainly that we'll become more unified.

When Bad Hermeneutics and Christian Entrepreneurs Meet!

Praise the Lord because He sure smells good.

That's the word from a South Dakota couple who've created the "His Essence" scented candle, based on biblical accounts of what Jesus smells like. Bob and Karen Tosterud say they were inspired by a verse that says when Jesus returns to Earth, His robes will be perfumed with myrrh, aloe and cassia.

Found onNYPost's Weird But True section

Around 150 stores carry them, they've sold 10,000 candles, retail at $18 each and you can order them at HisEssence.com. For complete store go here.


It's a Small, Small World

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I currently work as a customer service rep for Cingular and I talked to someone in Hawaii who knew a friend of mine. It happend again. This past week I answered the phone and began listening to a customer's problems. It seemed fixable. As I began the process of fixing the situation, I asked "So why did you move to California?"

She said, "I teach theology at Azusa Pacific Univerity."

From there we just kept talking about seminaries, life, writing and youth ministry. So I have now "met" Amy Jacober. As we kept talking we realized that we have at least 4 mutual friends and we might get to meet in person at one of the National Youth Worker Conventions later this year. Rumor has it that she has an article coming up soon in Youthworker Journal.


"Next Year" is officially last year

The joy of opening day as a Red Sox fan is hard to explain. I'm looking forward to the season. I don't have that "They're just going to break my heart again" feeling. They are off to a decent start and most of the "idiots" are still there.

I recorded the Red Sox Ring Ceremony off of NESN this week and watched Pesky and Yaz raise the World Series Flag. Great moment.

It's fun to see the occasional BoSox hat in the San Antonio area. Typically I'll say something and it's cool to know that Red Sox Nation is across the nation and not just New England.

The Fenway crowd cheered tonight when a note was flashed on the center-field board with the Yankees' loss and their worst start since 1991.


What do you think?

I just read the official press release that announced a new partnership between Focus on the Family & Dare 2 Share.

I know Dobson takes heat for some things (SpongeBob) but overall I love their family based approach to youth ministry and the books they've produced in their Heritage Builders series. This seems like a much more natural partnership than Josh McDowell and Aquire the Fire, a few years ago.


April 5, 2005 -- ANKARA, Turkey — Mehmet Ali Agca, who shot and seriously wounded Pope John Paul II in 1981, said from his Turkish prison yesterday that he was mourning the death of his "spiritual brother" and wanted to attend his funeral.

Agca's lawyer, Mustafa Demirag, said he would put the request to prosecutors today but admitted there was little chance that Turkey would allow a maximum-security prisoner to attend the funeral of a man he shot.

In a written statement, Agca repeated his claim that he was the messiah and that he was writing "the true, perfect bible."

He signed the letter: "Mehmet Ali Agca, the messiah servant."

The wording of the letter suggested once more that Agca may be unstable.

~~~~ He MAY be unstable?!?! We live in such a PC Society, you aren't even allowed to call someone who claims to be the messiah servant, unstable. David Koresh, he may have been unstable. ARrgghh!!!!!!

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