I went to the first general session and I was looking forward to the video of Yac doing "the rules" of the convention. Someone had mentioned on the YS Forum that it was a video and it made sense because no one would be able to do it like, he did.

Well Tic got up and introduced the video and it began to run but once it was into it about 10 seconds, you knew it was wrong clip. It was Yac at his best encouraging youth workers to fight the good fight of faith and letting us know that we were not alone. I cried while watching it. I cried because I needed to hear it and I cried because I realized that no one would be able to do it in the same way. Tic made some comment after it ran about 5 minutes that it was longer but in some ways it felt as if Mike was still around.

Unlike most youth workers, only bought one thing while I was at the convention. It was the "collected writings" of Mike Yaconelli. Most of the articles were from the back page of Youthworker Journal and a few from the Door. Most are available online but it has been a great thing to have a tangible version of to read and devour.

I've already read it twice and I think I'm going to read one per day for a while just to serve as my reminder of keeping the main thing the main thing in this wacky calling called youth ministry while not forgetting my own soul or forgetting to have breakfast with Jesus.


I enjoyed working at the Youthworker Journal booth during the convention. Besides getting to hang out with Will and Christine Penner I got to meet Brent Parker. Brent was part of the Youth Ministry and Spirituality Project with Mark Yaconelli. Brent was actually my roommate so we got to spend a lot of time together and it was great, I'm looking forward to continuing our friendship and to keep sharing our faith stories with each other.

I found this article tonight by Brent on the YS site, enjoy getting to know Brent.

Are We There Yet?


NYWC Memory #2

9 days between posts. What kind of blogger am I? Anyways. . . . I was able to serve on a panel for two of the late night options: What's Wrong with How We are Doing Youth Ministry & Dreaming a New Dream: Beginning to Reimagine Youth Ministry.

Mark Riddle asked me to join them. It was fun to have a small part of that. I'm sure the one in Atlanta will be even more dynamic as Mark has now had 2 more chances at this and he can give it even better direction for the discussion.

Best part was getting to know and hang out with Mark, Mike King, Walt Mueller, Jim Hancock, and Jimmy Doyle.

My greatest memories from the National Youthworker Convention typically involve being with friends or making new friends and not being at a big event. I liked some of the speakers and my favorite seminar was the one that Mike King did about "Youth Worker as Spiritual Guide" but I'm sharpened most by my peers and they are the ones that God used to renew me in my calling and passion for youth ministry.


Some NYWC Thoughts

I'm finally back to a semi-normal routine after the NYWC and so I hope to share a few things from that time away over the next few posts.

While in the line for the security check to fly to Dallas in LaGuardia, I looked up and a familiar face came toward me. A familiar face on a very tall body. It was Kareem Abdul Jabar. Dude can't hide anywhere. Like a 7 foot man doesn't stand out in a crowd anyways, he's got that face that most people know. It was kind of cool to have him stand behind me and to be around someone I looked up to (no pun intended as a kid).

I saw 1,000's of people over that week. Wonderful creations of God and yet this one sticks out. I should be in awe as I encounter everyday people because everyday people are extroidinary because of God's creativity.

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