Still processing The Tragic Loss of Mike Yaconelli, it reminded me so much of the feelings I had when Rich Mullins died. Whether you loved or hated Yac, you couldn't ignore him and it's strange thinking that one of our modern YM pioneers has gone home. It's also reminded me of the legacy that I will leave and to be busy working on the important things and not the other things.

I had just ranted about Mike (I think he would have liked that) the day before at a gathering of 60 plus youth workers from around New England. Someone had mentioned one of Mike's latest articles in Youthworker Journal and I said something along the lines of, "But the key of what he was saying is long term discipleship. Sometimes when I read Mike's articles I get the feeling he was either trying to tick us off or he had 20 minutes until his deadline and he just spewed what was in him." Almost everyone laughed, out of appreciation for Mike's style and passion.

My wife doesn't understand why I was saddened as I walked in the door yesterday, she does but she doesn't. I'm glad others do. As great as Mike's YM legacy is I wonder if 20-30 years from now he'll be appreciated equally for helping the emerging church to have a voice and legitimacy through the EmergentYS line. Time will tell. I have to go back to life, but while I am, I'll be praying for some of my YS friends over the next few days.

I'm glad that I haven't read "Dangerous Wonder" or "Messy Spirituality" yet, I have something to look forward to as I learn from Yac again. I want to be like Jesus but Yac is the only Mike that I want to be like.


I talked to Urb yesteday and I've got two more weeks to tweek and edit the book. Two weeks is an eternity because it's done but getting to review, and revise should be fun. I think the final title is going to be Creative Bible Lessons in 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy & Titus. Release date will be August 2004.

I'll start blogging full speed again Mid-November with occasional things between now and then.


Postmodern Youth Ministry:An Appendix by Tony Jones

Good thoughts. I especially liked the part about epistemology. If you don't know what epistemology is, learn it, use it and teach it to your students.

I didn't mean to blog until the book was done but I'm up late editing chapter by chapter and I took a break, read the article and really liked it.

If you are going to be at one of the YS conventions, go to the late night options with Tony, Doug and whoever else is there. Talk, listen, learn, wrestle and seek God.


In case you didn't know, I'm a HUGE Red Sox Fan. I bought into the Cowboy Up theory and I was hoping that finally Buckner would be Avenged but there is no joy in Beanville today because the slumping Aaron went out.

I have to work on my attitude towards Yankee fans, though. I was thinking last night, while driving home listening to the Yankee suits, players and fans that I could never be a Yankee fan. It's not so much because of the team, I like baseball, they are a good team. There are a few jerks on the team but they are on every team and family. No, I can never be a Yankee fan because of the fans. I can't stand their attitudes, arrogance and lack of perspective of the bigger picture of baseball beyond their team.

That got me thinking about how many people would say the same thing about the church? I like Jesus and the idea of religion but the Christians I know are full of attitude, arrogance and they seem to lack a bigger picture of life beyond their faith. That made me sadder than the Red Sox losing because in the long term it truly doesn't matter. It does matter though how well we represent Christ and his love to the world.

Represent Him well, it's all that really counts.


No more blogging until the book is done, see you guys in about 3 weeks.

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