It's a Small World Afterall

I'm currently a bi-vocational youth pastor. I love my church so much, I'd rather work another job and wait then be somewhere that isn't as good a fit. So my current "tent making" activity is doing telesales for Cingular. All our calls are inbound, so I'm NOT that guy calling you during dinner.

A man called, said he was from the island of Kauai and he worked for the Salvation Army. He asked a question, I couldn't help him except to give an idea of who else he could call within Cingular. But when he said he was from Kauai and he was with the Salvation Army, I was pretty sure we had a mutual friend.

After I told him my idea I said, "I bet you and I have a mutual friend. You said you are on Kauai, right?"

"Yes, who is that?" he said.

I replied with, "Rick Bundschu, he's the pastor Kauai Christian Fellowship."

He was surprised when he said, "How do you know Rick?"

So I told him about doing stuff with Interlinc together and how I had just talked to Rick a week or so ago. It was very refreshing to have a reminder of the vastness and yet closeness of the world while putting in my time.


A Barna Quote

In the course of reflecting on children and their spiritual growth, it is imperative that we understand God's expectations of how children should be nurtured. The local church is crucial in this process, but a child's family is central. Gaining a proper perspective on the partnership between parents and church in the mnutual effort to raise God-loving and God-fearing children is paramount.

George Barna in Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions

That is a great book. Even though it deals primarily with children the implecations on youth and family ministry are obvious.

What are the barriers from this happening?

How would you define the "proper perspective"?


New Youth Worship Instrument

Rad Monkey Cow Bell Worship!

The Joy of Reading!

It's good to be in a church that encourages and practices reading. Ahh the simple things that help unite and fortify the staff and the vision.


First Trip in the Church Van

I drove a 13 passenger church van today after church. I believe our church van has more miles than any other church van in America that is still in use. The church has not put all the miles on it but it still runs and it has 273,506 miles on it!

Anyone else know of a church van with more miles on it, that is still being used?


History of Emergent

Tony wrote Looking Back...and Ahead about how Emergent has. . . well. . . emerged since 1997. Good read and background.

I was at a Forum in 97 that Doug and Tic led through Leadership Network. I enjoyed it. I met Riddle out there in CO, though I connected the dots to that around a year or so ago. I wasn't revolutionary then, nor am I now, really. It is cool to know that I cought a glimpse of Emergent near the beginning but I didn't know what I was seeing and I probably thought Doug had screw loose. He probably still does but I understand why, much better, these days.


A Picture is worth a 1,000 words

(found on Boltman's Blog)



We live 10 miles outside of San Antonio in La Vernia, TX. A caravan of 25-30 cowboys just rode past our house in a big caravan with two covered wagons and police escorts. They are going to the Rodeo in San Antonio. Thought ya'll (maybe I'll stop saying "you guys" afterall) would appreciate it.

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