Encouragement from a stranger

I was sent this e-mail from my friends at YS. The person read my Reality Bites: And Some Churches Have Fangs

I really appreciated the words of Len Evans. I recently was fired from a collegiate ministry position for similar reasons that he was. I didn't have mthe numbers that the staff was looking for. I was so angry, even though I claimed that I forgave them, I still had this tension boiling underneath the smiles. However, the scripture references about forgiveness as well as his commentary on the verses really helped me to have a better understanding about the forgivness process, how it is not simply forgeting or ignoring the fault against you but no longer holding that against the other person.

Also the words of C.S. Lewis were very encouraging. Sometimes it gets hard to see that God speaks in pain, and Lewis' words put everything in the right perspective. God Bless you and your ministry. Thank you for sharing.

I didn't post this to puff me up but rather for everyone to understand and realize, once again, that we are not alone. One thing I love about the blogging community is the fact that we tend to encourage one another. We don't always agree with each other but we know that we are not alone in our struggles and our joys, though at times we think or feel that we are.


The Church vs. The Church Inc

The Church Inc
wants to go to the next level
is managed
prays to do something
sees other churches as competition
gives people what they want
wants to please many
listens to someones complaints

The Church
wants to grow
is led
prays to become something
sees other churches as partners
gives people what they need
wants to please One
listens to someones souls

Just some thoughts. Anyone else care to make some distinctions?


24 hour Subway pass - $7

Chicken-Kabob and a coke from a street vendor - $4

New Harry Potter movie on a gigantic screen on 42nd street - $10.25

Walking around Times Square - Free

Dropping some money in a guitar case for a street performer - $1.25

Hanging out in Washinton Square Park - Free

Being offered some "Jamaican Smoke" in Washington Square Park - Free

One cannoli from our favorite bakery in Grand Central - $2.50

Train ride home - $13

A Day Alone in New York City - Priceless


e-mail from my biggest geek friend:

Some of the Wall Street Journal's tech columnists today wrote "our short list
of the current hot objects of techie affection..." Topping the list, after
things like the new iPod and flat-screen TVs, was:

"1) A Gmail Address. A gigabyte of storage? That's amazing. The prospect of
better organization and search tools? That's intriguing. The fact that a
company with a track record like Google's is behind it? That's reassuring. The
idea that Google's computers will assign ads based on keywords it extracts from
our e-mail? That's irrelevant, at least to us -- many of us already have our
mail combed through by automated processes that try to block spam and porn. But
the real lure, we admit, is the idea of getting a reputable public e-mail
address that another human being could actually remember. (Who wants to be
tim539432@aol.com?) When we read about techies who are part of the Gmail beta
test, we find ourselves gripped by another tech deadly sin: envy. (Cost:
Nothing, but right now you need to know the right people, and of course we don't.)"

I didn' mean to cause my friends to have Gmail Envy when I stumbled into my gmail account but I'm happy I have it. :-) Now if I can only score two more accounts for my girls.

Chris from 15 miles from Nowhere wrote about the desire to be an "All-Star" in youth ministry.

Anyone else identify?

I've wanted to help other youth workers but I don't want to be a Youth Ministry Celebrity. (What an oxymoron, that is) I've been able to do some things that I used to dream about, articles, speaking at local youth ministry training events for volunteers, writing a youth ministry book, speaking (once) at the national youth workers convention and I'm even working another book idea but none of it matters in the long run.

I'd much rather work with and love students and point them towards Jesus. That's where satisfaction comes from because you know that God used you to help change someone's life.

And even that, as great as it is, pales in comparison to loving and caring for your own family and helping them follow after God. If you don't care for the spiritual welfare of your family, who will?

I'll keep trying to encourage and help youth workers because it's a need. Whether it's through this blog, the website, writing, speaking, or grabbing a Code Red. They don't need me, they need encouragement and help in their calling. I know because I need it, too. Strangely enough, when I help others, I'm the one who get's helped the most.


300th Post

I've been hoping that I'd have something great to write for my 300th post, but alas nothing great to talk about or no great thoughts to share.

We did have a good time in New York City with family who visited recently.

I've decided to wear the YankeeHater hat until the Red Sox are back in first place, then back to the wonderful "B". Go Nomah!

I've been thinking a lot about youth ministry lately.

It's a great thing to have so many supportive friends.

I'm planning on seeing the David Crowder Band in a few days.

God is Good, God is in Control. His Spirit enables me to have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control.

I'll post more regularly again but not over the next 2 days.

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